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Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Look Back: 2015 Year In Review!

And now, a month by month look back at the Best of the Art of Apex 2015 Year in Review! 

The February issue of SchoolArts Magazine features not one but two articles spotlighting the Art of Apex! The first article, titled Teaching Students to Think Like Artists was an in depth look at the grading and blogging policy being implemented in several of our art classes.The second article included a three page spread featuring four full color photographs of the art that donned the Apex halls and walls. See both articles here!

February: Text as an Element!
The first project for Art Three was to create an artwork the incorporated text as an element. This might seem like an easy task but for students who are image centric, this proves a difficult task. Check out some of the final versions here.

March: NAEA Convention New Orleans!
If you were looking for Sands and Purtee back in March you might have had to look in New Orleans. Both teachers attended and presented at the conference. Sands also wrote a few review articles for the Art of Education. Read all about our adventures here!

April: AOIT Meets 123D Creature!
I think every class that tries their hand at creating 3D has a lot of fun ad takes away some new skills but AOIT kids really get it! We took the AOIT Art One class to the Media Center and showed them a few tips and tricks to create in the world of 3D. The results were outstanding! Check out the 3D Creatures here!

May: Sugar Hill and the Wave in Bottle Cap Art 
Environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck worked with our Art History class to recreate a work of art using recycled materials. This image was 10' x 16' large, and spread out over 8 tables. I use the past tense "was" when describing the mural because we only had one class period to complete it and when we were done, it was entirely dismantled. Check out our bottle cap art here!

June: Good Bye to the Art of Education
After two years and nearly 100 articles, Sands decided it was time to pass the torch to a new writer. Leaving AOE was a big decision so it couldn't be done without a big send off. Check out the three part series titles A Vision for Art Education!

July: The TAB Institute in Boston
Sands spent a week working with students at the TAB Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. This one-week Teaching for Artistic Behavior course offered intensive inquiry into the practice of choice-based art education and students could earn graduate credit. Here is a look at some at the TAB Institute Summer 2015!

August: Back at School so Elements?
I thought having students take a look at the elements of art and how different artists emphasize different elements in their work would be a good place to start. Each student selected an element that they wanted to emphasize and created a piece that emphasizes it. Take a look here!

September: What's in your Locker?
For the first Art One project I thought it would be fun to take a look at space and how artists use the space that is available to them. At our school, the lockers are a space that is under utilized. To counter this, the locker project was born! Check out some of the lockers here!

October: Answering Essential Questions!
This was a new unit and it asked students to come up with a word and then form a question around the word. Once they had a question, they needed to decide how to respond to their own question artistically speaking. This was challenging but exciting at the same time. Check out this unit and some of the responses here!

November: Non Traditional Materials
For our last unit, Artists Incorporate Non Traditional Materials, the only limitation imposed was the request that they not use any fine art materials that could be purchased from an art supply company. They needed to find some other material in which to create their art. All other considerations were left up to the artists. View some of the works in progress here.

December: We Won a 3D Printer!
Makerbot had a contest. The school that had the most retweets of their hashtag would win a 3D printer. challenge accepted! Apex rose to the challenge and retweeted our tweet over 550 time! So yes, we won! What does the future hold for Apex Art? Wither certainty the ability to print in 3D!

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