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Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's summer, y'all must be sitting round the pool

Sure, it's summer and that gives everyone a chance to kick back and relax a bit. While we at Apex Art don't mind spending a day at the beach, we aren't about to dedicate our entire summer to slacking off. Instead, here are just a few of the summer events we are taking part in..

Southeast TAB Retreat
Ian Sands was asked to present at the Southeast Teaching for Artistic Behaviors Retreat in the mountains of NC. In June, Ian joined the group and presented, What is Assessment? It's Not What We Think. This was a great time to share ideas with this spontaneous professional development setting.

Art of Education Summer 2015 Conference
On July 16, Melissa Purtee and Ian will be presenting at the AOE Summer Conference. Our topic, “How to Share a Room and Collaborate Without Going Crazy!” is an in-depth look at the difficulties as well as the advantages of sharing a space and working together. We will explore the four stages of team work, (forming, storming, norming, performing) and provide real life examples of how two teachers that are paired together, can go from storming to performing.

Writing for AOE
From the Art of Education website, July 7th: Today we welcome AOE’s newest writer, Melissa Purtee. Melissa is a phenomenal writer that is passionate about student choice in the art room. Melissa will contribute three articles a month. Look for her articles here.

Speaking of AOE, did you catch Ian on AOE LIVE EP. 9 "Envisioning the Future of Art Education". You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or view the video on youTube.

TAB Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Ian will spend a week teaching Track Two students at the TAB Institute at Mass Art in Boston. 
This one-week Teaching for Artistic Behavior course offers intensive inquiry into the practice of choice-based art education for beginning and experienced TAB teachers. This is the only course exclusively offered by the founders of Teaching for Artistic Behavior. This course is available for graduate credit.

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