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Monday, April 28, 2014

Perspective : Photography

I hated perspective drawing in high school. Hated. I remember being so bored sitting in the hallway, drawing for days. The worst part about it was that one little mistake would ruin the illusion that I had been working so hard to create.

My art one students learned about perspective in mini lessons over a week. They learned about one, two and three point, then tried each one out in short drawings. The week ended with students applying what they learned in a two day assignment. The task was to capture perspective observable around our school campus.
Students could pick one, two or three point perspective and draw in any media or use photography. While some students did decided to draw and produced some beautiful work,  photography was the most popular choice.

The photo kids scampered around campus, enjoying the lovely spring weather and investigating their environment through new eyes. Students who chose to draw found a spot and settled in. They found perspective everywhere. Best part - no one was bored. :)

See this lesson on my class website 


  1. Curious about the rounded perspective drawing. Is this something you taught them or did this student just get creative on you? I'd love to know the secret

  2. GREAT !! I just spent the last hour browsing :) What a treat :) Thank you for sharing on G+ :)
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